Re-View: Worry

"Do not be anxious about anything but in everything pray .. "

I've condensed Philippians 4:6 somewhat there, but essentially the Christian response to worry is contained in that verse.

Paul and the rest of Scripture never intend to suggest that nothing should bother us, but instead that we should be concerned about the right things. So it's not a result of personality type primarily or circumstantial context. Yes, there are born worriers, but whoever we are and whatever our life context, worry is a failure at three levels at least:

  1. Worry is a failure to think theologically; i.e. to see the world as it is under the Sovereign care of a loving God.
  2. Worry is a failure to trust this God completely.  When I worry I am in effect saying "I don't trust that God has got this situation under control.
  3. Worry is a failure to live ambitiously. It is easy to be more concerned about things such as health, career or family than Kingdom of God and His righteousnes.

You'll need to turn up for tonight's sermon on Matthew 6 to hear how we unpack these issues. "But," says Jesus in the gospel, "If you are going to worry, then do make sure you worry about the right things. Be ambitious for the Kingdom of God before all else.

Put that first and all these other worries will find their place."

Peter Baker

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